The PRO-POTATO quality programme

PRO-POTATO is the CIPC quality programme designed to help growers achieve the optimum condition expected of stored crops by the processing industry.

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The PRO-POTATO initiative recognises the importance of reliable, effective CIPC (Chlorpropham) treatment by professional applicators for sprout suppression during long-term storage.

The scheme has been created by Whyte Agrochemicals Ltd and Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corporation and this website has been developed in association with the potato processing industry, the British Potato Council and Assured Produce.

The potato processing industry is highly demanding of the quality of the crop they take from growers - requiring potatoes that have been handled and stored with care.

Store design, environmental management and the effective treatment with CIPC (Chlorpropham) sprout supressants are of paramount importance and this work needs to be undertaken in a professional, controlled and traceable manner.

This website is designed to help growers work with the processing industry - to protect the value of the stored crop, long-term.

Best practice for CIPC use:

Work with professional PRO-POTATO application companies
Have stores pre-checked by applicators
Ensure compliance with Health & Safety requirements
Use smaller stores or sub-divide large areas
Fill stores within 5 days to ensure uniform crop conditions
Tubers must be cured prior to CIPC treatment
Apply to dry, clean tubers and eliminate sources of condensation
The flushing of stores after the CIPC has settled is essential
Flush the store after the CIPC has settled - this is generally within 6 to 8 hours
Monitor the condition of the stored crop weekly
Avoid under-dosing or long intervals between applications which can cause internal sprouting
Apply before sprouting/dormancy is breaking
Please ask your distributor for expert advice

Use of Maleic Hydrazide and low-dose CIPC

Maleic Hydrazide used during growing for suppressing volunteers provides variable protection against sprouting in long-term storage - crops should be checked very carefully to ensure timely treatment with CIPC as and when required.
Use CIPC in accordance with label recommendations.


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